How to Fit a TV Bracket

How to Fit a TV Bracket from 123 Brackets

By: 123 Brackets  05/12/2012
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We get a lot of people asking how to fit their tv brackets, and unfortunately they have had no luck when trying to talk to the professional companies who often want to charge a fortune in order to provide support. With this in mind we have written up a short guide of our own which we hope will help you to ensure your TV is put up safely and properly. You will need the following tools: 1) Electric drill with masonry/wood bits 2) Screwdrivers (standard round head/Phillips head) 3) Dust sheet 4) Spirit level 5) Electronic cable/pipe finder You will then need to consider what type of wall you are working with, as there are two different methods to follow: Brick/Blocks 1) Mark the wall where you want to fit the wall bracket 2) Centre wall plate over the mark just made, and using the spirit level mark the fixing points 3) Drill holes to the necessary depth 4) Fit wall plugs into drilled holes and fit wall plate utilising bolts provided 5) Fit arms using provided bolts (perhaps attach any cables at this point!) 6) Attach bracket arms / front plates to your TV 7) Lift TV up to hang or attach to wall plate or bracket 8) Ensure security of TV with screws provided Stud/Plasterboard Very similar but as the brackets and TV can weigh quite a lot, it is recommended that you fix the wall bracket to at least two upright wooden studs within the partition at either end of the bracket. You can find the studs by using an electronic stud finder.

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