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By: Alimenta  08/09/2012
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Learn the secrets of Italian cuisine used by the best entrepreneurs in gastronomy

Courses with top masters to become a professional in every part of the world  

Schools of Italian cuisine are everywhere - but if someone wants to learn beyond how to cook a typical meal, if they want to be able to make speciality dishes and become a professional in Italian gastronomy, an entrepreneur or manager, where could they discover the secrets of the trade? At Alimenta Italia, the first Work Academy created specifically for international students who hope to become entrepreneurs or professionals in the Italian catering industry. Courses begin at the academy in September 2012, with open days that aim to give a taste of what there is to learn, and continue with whole courses in October. These are aimed at those who desire a career in Italian cuisine, both those who are already professionals working in the industry who want to build their skill, and also those who are beginners and want to find a new job or create a new business through the excellence of Italian culinary culture.

Alimenta Italia is located in one of the most important districts of agribusiness in Italy, the city of Lodi - about 30 km from Milan, it was born with the support of Parco Tecnologico: Padano of Lodi, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Consorzio Italbiotec, the Municipality of Milan and prestigious brands in the industry, including CASTAlimenti.

The Work Academy collaborates with a group of highly qualified and experienced teachers – top chefs, Italian champions, innovators of successful products and processes in the culinary industry and great professionals of the trade. Such notable individuals include Roberto Carcangiu, Giunetto Cardelli, Diego Crosara, Piergiorgio Giorilli, Gianluca Guagneli, Pierpaolo Magni, Iginio Massari, Raimondo Mendolia, Francesco Palmieri and Achille Zoia amongst many others.

There are four main disciplines in which students can choose to specialize: pasta-gastronomy, pane (bread)-pizza, gelato (ice-cream), and dolci (dessert). The training process is streamlined, innovative and practical with a limited number of participants, offering attentive instruction tailored to the individual. The Academy can offer intensive courses of 5 to 10 days followed by a distance-training scheme consisting of e-learning and coaching, with the aim of following and supporting the student in every step of their career. Lessons are conducted in a variety of languages - in Italian, in English or in another language to suit the group of students.

Our 1,000 square metres of laboratories are used for theoretical and practical training and are equipped with high-quality machinery and technical equipment. Under the guidance of expert teachers, participants learn about products and raw materials, experimenting with a range of techniques for food preparation. They have full use of Alimenta Italia’s cutting-edge equipment to enable them to learn the newest methods for preparing the most renowned Italian dishes to the highest quality.

As well as learning how to cook participants will also gain practical skills that are essential for running a catering business. They will learn how best to organise a kitchen and gain a good knowledge of the production processes, including the supply of raw ingredients, the organoleptic and sensory characteristics of different foods, the nutritional properties of ingredients and their relationship to health, and the costs of procurement and production of food .

Alimenta Italia also provides advice on the economic side of cuisine with suggestions of how to start, improve and speed up an independent business, in addition to sharing their extensive contacts that include providers and facilities. The course offers a great opportunity for those who want to improve their skills, to expand and perfect their menu, to start their own business or to give their business an authentic Italian stamp. The excellence of Italian cuisine and the Italian culinary style is hugely popular across the world, so whether you’re looking for a career change, a new job or want to get ahead in the culinary industry by opening a restaurant, pizzeria, patisserie or an ice cream shop, Alimenta Italia offers the opportunity and know how to create a thriving new business and successful future.


24nd September: OPEN DAY: Introduction to the profession of entrepreneur “Pizzaiolo”

25th September: OPEN DAY: Introduction to the craft of Ice Cream entrepreneurship

 1st October: courses begin in the craft of Ice Cream and running a Pizzeria.



1st October: OPEN DAY: Introduction to the profession a “Cuoco” (Chef)

2nd October: OPEN DAY: Introduction to the profession of Pastry Chef


8th October:  courses in the roles of Chef and Pastry Chef begin.




From 22nd October, courses start in foreign languages.


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