Quickconnect.co.uk Offering Great Deals On Wireless Alarm Systems

By: SecurityCAM Ltd  22/02/2013
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London, UK: Burglar alarms have been around for a century now. As time passed by, these alarms evolved and became more sophisticated in terms of technology and practicality. The most technologically advanced intruder alarms in today’s date are that which are wireless.

Quickconnect.co.uk, a leading name in the field of burglar alarms for homes, deals in wireless alarm systems. The company is a witness to the fact that wireless systems have almost completely taken over the traditional hard-wired systems. Pertaining to the fact that the wireless system is superior in technology, it comes with some innate benefits. Such a system is easy to install, and it takes a considerably less amount of time for putting it in place. The ADT alarms provided by Quickconnect.co.uk are usually installed in less than 2-3 hours, much to the delight of the customers. The system just needs to be screwed to walls, without any need of drilling holes or taking the long wires across the hallway, which saves one from a lot of hassle. Moreover, since there are no constraints arising due the wires, the wireless home burglar alarm system is very apt for use in large properties. The company avails the customers with the option to add additional sensors and fobs, in case a wider area needs to be covered for security. With the wireless burglar alarm system, it is highly convenient to move the motion sensors and other devices, in case there is any need of redecoration of the house.

The wireless alarm systems have become the first choice of customers, given all the pros related to them. All the other systems that are available are becoming redundant, and the wireless ones will completely take over, soon enough.

About the Company:

Quickconnect.co.uk is UK’s leading ADT alarm authorised agent, specialising in burglar alarms, and have been prominent industry stalwart, for around a decade. They have dedicated alarm monitoring centres that have carved a position of their own by effective and instant alarm management. Quickconnect.co.uk is recognised by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and employ only highly screened candidates as part of their alarm monitoring consultants. They can be contacted for free, non-compulsory consultation about installing customised home security alarms.

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