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By: SecurityCAM Ltd  22/02/2013
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London, UK: In a recent survey conducted by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, it was found that 48% of the households in the UK own a pet. Around 23% of households have at least 1 dog as a pet while 19% of these have a cat. With such whopping numbers of pets in the country, it is only justified that the demand of pet friendly burglar alarm systems is rising steeply.

UK has always been home to a large number of households, which are fond of keeping pets at home. Although, it is highly comforting to own a pet, it did create problems with respect to the security constraints that came along. Initially, it was unmanageable to own a pet and have a security system installed both at the same time.

In order to equip pet owners with an efficient alarm system for homes which proffer security without any botheration to the pets, Quickconnect.co.uk had introduced pet-friendly burglar systems. These systems work on the principle of passive infrared technology, whereby the motion sensors are influenced by the source of temperature and infrared rays, and trigger off the alarm as soon as any movement is detected. The motion sensors of the alarm systems are strategically placed so that they detect the infrared rays coming from unwanted intruders only. The alarm does not trigger off by the movement of pets which are staying back in the house, in the absence of their owners.

Such alarm systems are highly practical and have changed the whole scenario of the security of the residential properties, in a positive way. Ever since the introduction of the pet-friendly system by Quickconnect.co.uk, more and more people have been requesting the installation of such a burglar alarm system for their homes.

About the Company:

Quickconnect.co.uk is UK’s leading ADT alarm authorised agent, specialising in burglar alarms, and have been prominent industry stalwart, for around a decade. They have dedicated alarm monitoring centres that have carved a position of their own by effective and instant alarm management. Quickconnect.co.uk is recognised by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and employ only highly screened candidates as part of their alarm monitoring consultants. They can be contacted for free, non-compulsory consultation about installing customised home security alarms.

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Keywords: alarm systems, Burglar Alarm Security, burglar alarm system, home security

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