Male Waxing - Men's Waxing Techniques at Male Brazilian Waxing Studio

Male Waxing - Men's Waxing Techniques at Male Brazilian Waxing Studio from Jack Dunn Male Grooming

By: Jack Dunn Male Grooming  23/11/2010
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With so many therapists using different male waxing systems, and application methods including so many different brands of wax available, I thought it would be helpful for clients to specify the type and methods I apply for my male waxing treatments. At the initial appointment you will complete a confidential medical form which will indicate any allergies or skin sensivity issues and will determine the best wax to use for your treatment.

Brand – Perron Rigot wax

Considered one of the best waxes on the market.

With over thirty years of innovation in the industry and constantly developing new techniques and formulas to meet the evolving needs of the many therapists who use this product range.

With waxes to suit all client requirements offering the finest quality in depilatory care.

I use the following waxes for all my treatments:

·        Cristal Ocean – Hypoallergenic Strip Wax

·        Cristal Ice – Hypoallergenic Strip Roller Wax

·        Euroblonde – Non Strip Wax

·        Cirepil Pure – Hypoallergenic Non Strip Wax

As a pre and post waxing for the cleansing and moisturising I also use the Perron Rigot brand, and I use the following products, also from the hypoallergenic range:

·        Eau de Cristal Lotion – Pre and Post Depilatory lotion

·        Pearlescent oil – Pre and Post Depilatory Oil

To refresh and calm the skin after the waxing I use tea tree and natural aloe Vera based products.

Waxing Methods Applied –

General Body Waxing

This includes; back, chest, arms, legs, hands and feet

1.  Longer hair is clippered first.

2.  Pre waxing lotions/oils applied

3.  Wax applied – Strip waxing methods

4.  Pot & Spatula or a roller method

5.  Neck hair or some chest areas is removed with non strip waxes as this is a sensitive area.

6.  Post waxing Lotions /oils applied

7.  After waxing gels/cream applied.

Intimate & Sensitive areas 

These areas includes: underarms, neck, throat, ears, nose, brows, penis, scrotum, bikini line, crack, pubic line.

These areas are not suitable for strip waxing methods, as the skin is more sensitive and the non strip method offers a better and less painful waxing procedure.

1.  Longer hair trimmed & clippered first

2.  Pre waxing lotions/oils applied

3.  Wax applied – Non strip waxing methods

4.  Post waxing lotions/oils applied

5.  After waxing gels/creams applied

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