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By: Jack Dunn Male Grooming  03/02/2011
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The Benefits of Tea Tree for Male Waxing Aftercare

Tea Tree oil is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia , which is native to the northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Apparently it was first named Tea Tree by the expedition of Captain Cook, Banks and the Botanist Dr Solanger , who identified the Tea Tree plant and went on to name it  when moored in Mercury Bay in 1769.

 The oil has so many medical benefits when applied to the skin (topically), including antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral actions.  It is more commonly found as an essential oil, but we can also find creams, lotions, shampoo, and soaps that all contain Tea Tree.

 As with most essential oils, Tea Tree oil should never be used directly on the skin, and needs to be diluted, and usually in fairly small percentages, when you purchase waxing aftercare products most will specify the percentage of tea tree included, and the range seems to be within 1-5% on average. If you do intend to make up your own blend to use at home be careful that you do not exceed these amounts, and as always test patch on a small area first...

With lots of the leading wax manufacturers now increasing their range of male waxing aftercare products more of them are producing products that include tea tree oils, and soothing gels like Aloe Vera with packaging and design aimed at the male consumer.

After waxing the skin has been exposed to heat, with the  application of the warm wax, the hair follicles have been removed so the importance of an excellent hygienic and soothing aftercare system is very important, to keep skin clean, to soothe , settle, and to avoid breakouts and possible ingrown hairs.

 For first time male waxing clients, who often have no knowledge of aftercare or which products will work better for them, then the therapists really need to explain the best products to achieve a good problem free aftercare regime, having some samples available is a great way to get your clients used to the product and to see the benefits for themselves, and include a sample in their aftercare pack.

Most male waxing clients prefer an aftercare range that does not include perfumes and floral notes so for that reason the tea tree product range is great, and offering maximum protection in those first few weeks while the skin settles and the new hair growth starts.

As well as the waxing aftercare, Tea Tree products used during the waxing treatment is also very common, skin cleansers and sanitisers containing Tea Tree are used a lot, and often at the end of the waxing the therapist will apply some soothing lotion to the skin, and these often also contain cooling gels and Tea Tree oil.

If you are a regular waxing client or if it’s your first time to have a waxing treatment your aftercare regime is always important (exfoliation and moisturising) so get some Tea Tree based products and use these as part of your pack and you will achieve great results - Smooth problem free skin....

The ideal male waxing aftercare product range should include ; Tea Tree skin wash/ shower gel, and a body lotion with Tea Tree, and a Japanese wash cloth, and  your regime should give you great results, each and every time....


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