Use Box Sash Windows for a Great Effect

By: Wood Windows London  08/05/2013
Keywords: casement windows, box sash windows

Box sash windows are a great choice when you are trying your hand at something new for your traditional London home. Even a modern apartment looks unique and timeless with such types of features added to its windows. There really is nothing to beat the traditional look of these classic Victorian designs. What is this Sash Design? For those of you who are not familiar with the sash windows, it is the design where two or more panels of windows which are called as sashes form a kind of frame that can be moved horizontally or vertically based on the design of your window. There might be a small gap between these two panels. The glass used in this construction can be single or double glazed. The latter allows a marked difference in noise as it reduces noise pollution to a great extent. Also it is a great way to keep heat trapped inside the house which in turn will remain warm during cold winters. One of the panels can be lifted or moved sideways to provide good flow of air during hot, stuffy months making this a very versatile choice for your home. Original Wood or UPVC Is there really any competition between genuine, handcrafted timber sash windows and UPVC ones? No one really wants a plastic looking window especially if the house has a traditional feel to it. Plastic is not really conducive in the long run when its colour starts to disintegrate and it doesn't add anything of value to your home. On the other hand, hand manufactured wooden windows are made from genuine timber which comes from sourced forests without causing any harm to the environment. They will retain their look with minimal wear and tear for many years. Also the installation work is done by qualified experts who are experienced in getting the work done well which in turn will add innumerable years to the life of your windows. Restoration Work Victorian houses stand on their foundations for a long time. The original materials that go into making such houses are some of the best but sometimes wear and tear can be seen in the windows which protect the interiors of the house by keeping out snow, rain and sunshine. If some damage is suffered by these sliding sash windows, companies who specialize in making these wooden wonders can do a great restoration work that will bring your sash windows back to its original glory. This might involve completely changing your windows or simply repairing them to get that original look back. This process starts with an absolutely free on-site visit by contractors willing to do their best work. About the Author Wood Windows is the leaders in manufacturing the timber sash windows. We deliver high quality wood sash windows products in UK, including box sash windows and sliding sash windows. Visit

Keywords: box sash windows, casement windows