Dynamic Links A Good SEO Practice?

By: SEOInnovators  26/09/2011
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There have been lots of discussions about whether dynamic websites can be crawled by search engines. Firstly let’s take a look at what dynamic links are. Whenever pages are created using custom queries to databases, a dynamic page is created from a template. Meaning – the content of the website is stored in a database, and is retrieved only when the database is queried and is displayed to the user on your website which serves as a template. This technique is very useful from a development perspective. It helps the developer customize and add variety of content.

Whether using dynamic links is a good SEO practice? Where there exists a school of thought that says static links can be more easily crawled than dynamic links, it is a relief to know that Googlebots can crawl dynamic links! You need not re-write your URLs to make them look like static. But one important practice is to keep them short, too many parameters in the URLs is not a good idea. Well, where static links have a slight advantage over dynamic ones with regards to ease in indexing and CTRs by presenting viewers with easy URLs, Dynamic links work well too, and do not try to re-craft them to look like static! Good to know!

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Keywords: Search Engine Optimization, SEO consultant, seo service, website promotion