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Personal Fitness Training program from CrossFit GonFu

By: CrossFit GonFu  13/05/2015
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1. The Assessment (optional but highly recommended) The 1-2-1 assessment we ask you to attend is a one off session to give you a full MOT so that both YOU and the coach know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Your weaknesses will be listed in your WOD-book whether it is flexibility, technique flaws or postural things to work on. During the regular WODs you can open your book and work on your specific mobility, technique, muscular or posture imbalances with the help of the coach. This is were you can start to see the personal nature of CrossFit compared to other classes. 2. Free Taster Session Do you want to dip your toes into the water before taking the plunge? Register through our “Bookings” link and send us an email indicating your interest. We will then reserve a place for you in one of our regular classes wherein you can experience the friendly atmosphere, sample the varied warm-up drills, try out the skill/strength section for that specific day and enjoy a scaled version of the WOD! 3. Foundation Program In order to be eligible for the Workout Of the Day series of classes, you will first need to complete the Foundation Course. This is comprised of 6 one-hour group sessions wherein the fundamental movements, techniques and forms are learned, culminating in a workout at the end. The sessions run twice a week for 3 weeks and we operate on a “rolling admissions” policy. 4. Fast-track Foundation Program For those unable to attend all six sessions of the Foundation Program due to scheduling, we also have a Fast Track option available on a 1-on-1 basis. The average time to completion on this option is 90-120 minutes after which one can join the regular classes. 5. Workout Of the Day (WOD) The WOD is the mainstay of CrossFit and is where the magic happens. The workout is constantly varied and incorporates functional movements performed at high intensity relative to each individual’s aptitude and physical conditioning.Classes are held daily to fit different lifestyles and schedules 6. Open Gym Sessions These are sessions when you can use the studio to practice your various movements particularly those you feel are your weakest. You can turn up at any point during these sessions and there will always be a coach on hand to assist you in any manner you need.

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