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By: Joe Dimon  10/03/2014
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Before you start reading, I just want to make it clear that this is not a cookie cutter programme or a typical personal training session where I just shout at you and count reps. This programme will educate you on how to eat and live a little better, therefore, giving you long-lasting results. Think about it, even if you’re training three to four times a week and eating three meals a day minimum – that’s 21 meals a week. If those meals are NOT right for you, how can four training sessions compete with that? With this personal training programme you will: - Learn to eat right for you - Learn how to design your own exercise programme - Feel the benefits of massage therapy - Learn how to improve your posture - Learn how to move and breathe better - Start to have more energy - Have long-lasting results and the health to go with it - Learn what types of exercises are right for you - Learn the correct exercise form and technique - Start getting that shape back to your body - Reduce your body fat and learn how to eat healthy - Learn about nutrition - Start eating healthy and STOP dieting - Look better in your clothes - Know what kind of supplements are a waste of money, and find out which ones are really useful to you - Improve your sleep - Have more energy - Stop the sugar cravings - Loosen up your muscles - Detox your body And much more! Do some or all of these eight questions relate to you? 1 Have you been going to the gym for years and not seen any results? 2 Have you been someone who goes to the gym on and off, with no real motivation? 3 Have you got lots of niggling health problems such as: low energy, mood swings, chronic digestive trouble, muscle aches and pains, sleep problems, brain fog, lack of focus and poor posture? 4 Are you looking to increase your sporting performance? 5 Have you tried all the latest diets, exercise DVD’s, boot camps and exercise classes and still have the same body shape? 6 Have you been getting results at the gym so looking better, but feeling worse? 7 Are you stuck on a training plateau and don’t know where to go next? 8 Are you someone who eats the best organic foods, takes the finest nutritional supplements that money can buy, gets plenty of rest, and exercises regularly…… …….And still not feel great? If any of these question relate to you, then our health programme will help you!

Keywords: massage

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