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Shiatsu Massage from Jag Reeves Massage, Healing & Counselling

By: Jag Reeves Massage, Healing & Counselling  09/10/2013
Keywords: Massage therapist, lower back pain, Holistic Massage

Shiatsu London is a Japanese form of massage and bodywork that has become well known and popular across the western hemisphere. It is similar in practice to Traditional Thai Massage though generally less physically dynamic and rooted in a different diagnostic system. The application of Shiatsu is based on the beautiful philosophy and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an organic system that is ancient yet forever growing, adapting and evolving. This includes theory and purposeful application of the meridian pathways, their related qualities and organs; yin and yang; the 5 Elements and other aspects. The Japanese made their own unique interpretation of this system, added some of their own qualities and transformed it into what is now Shiatsu London.

Keywords: Holistic Massage, lower back pain, Massage therapist

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