Body composition analysis

Body composition analysis from TOUGHEN UP

By: TOUGHEN UP  31/12/2010
Keywords: fitness, weight loss, Body Composition Analysis

Our 'Body MOT' service provides a benchmark of your current body composition so you can track the changes made by alterations to your diet and exercise routines.
Jumping on the scales daily will give you an accurate account of how much you weight, but what information do the scales give you other than your total weight... none.

If you keep a record of the changes in your body measurements over time this will give you added information but you still will find it hard to tell whether the weight you are losing is fat or muscle. Body fat calipers are only as accurate as the users experience allows. Placing the calipers up or down a few centimetres or applying slightly more or less pressure with the calipers will give completely different readings.

BODYSTAT 1500 analysis uses electrodes placed on the wrist and anke. A very small electrical current is passed through the body measuring muscle, fat and water densities. This gives a very accurate measurement of the bodies make-up and the results. This will give you the vital information needed to plan future exercise or diet regimes and allow you to know whether to alter or adhere to your existing plan.

Keywords: Body Composition Analysis, fitness, weight loss