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By: Real Coaching Solutions  03/11/2010
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Being successful in business today requires more that the professional skills you have mastered to help your clients. It requires a whole toolkit of marketing, business and mindset skills that many of us have never been taught. Not having this knowledge can often lead to frustration and exhaustion if you are trying to figure this out all on your own.

My business coaching programmes will help you build a sustainable and thriving business, by guiding you through an easy to follow and implement approach that will be a natural expression of you, your purpose and your passion.

Here’s how my coaching programmes will help you achieve that:

1. Create Your Business Vision

If you have been in business for a while, or if you have not long started out you might be wondering what to do next to grow your business. Perhaps you are stuck at a certain level of earnings, have had enough of the peaks and valleys of client work or you have lost the energy and motivation you once had. When you are in this place it can be so easy to waste time, money and effort in trying out the latest techniques. So I will help you figure out what’s no longer working, reconnect you to your vision, purpose and passion and step by step move your business forward with ease.

2. Break Through Entrepreneurial Fear

Before implementing strategies to grow your business it’s important to unearth and tackle any current or potential obstacles that might be getting in the way of achieving success. When taking the next big step there will always be doubt which can lead to self sabotaging beliefs and behaviour. At the back of your mind the constant internal dialogue can leave you frozen with fear. Through working together we will uncover any negative internal dialogue and prepare the way to overcome obstacles to success.

3. Magnetise Your Client Attraction Plan

At this stage you will be feeling much more confident about yourself and your business, with greater clarity, focus and intention. With the right mindset of natural abundance and prosperity, together with the client attraction tools which I teach, you will become a magnet for people and opportunities. Now is the time to step up and be more visible to your target audience with an irresistible message about you, your product and services.

4. Design Your Powerful Business Systems

The most successful people in business know that creating supporting systems are the only way to achieve business growth. When you rapidly start to increase the number of clients you serve then you will need powerful business systems to support them in delivering your services.

We will work out exactly what you need so that you can increase your business capacity and delight your clients

5. Build An Aligned Team

Trying to do everything yourself is a recipe for exhaustion and burnout. But many solo entrepreneurs struggle to seek help and let go of the reins. I will show you how to build your dream team and then how to delegate and communicate so that you can focus on your revenue building activities with absolute peace of mind.

6. Experience Business Balance

One of the big secrets of successful entrepreneurs is that they have developed a lifestyle which supports them and their business. They have learned the importance of taking time out to renew and refresh so that they maintain boundless energy and enthusiasm for what they do. At each step of the coaching programme I will help you to maintain balance in your life so that your well being and self care is at the top of the list

7. Master Your Marketing

Mastering the art of marketing is critical for your business survival and growth. Without constant and consistent marketing then not only will you experience those annoying peaks and valleys in work but you run the risk of your business fading away.

As you know there are hundreds of consultants, coaches, well-being experts, and stylists out there, so it’s not only what you do but how others know what you do that will set you apart. Becoming expert at marketing means that you’re the first person others think of when they want your services.

8. The Next Leap Forward

Now that you have a regular flow of clients, a wonderful team with business systems to support you, and you are experiencing ongoing abundance and prosperity, this is the time to plan for the next big leap forward. I will help you take advantage of the considerable momentum you have built up so that not only will your business continue to grow but you will have the time and freedom to enjoy your life.

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