Laser and High Tech Equipment Dentistry Services

By: Emergency Dentistry London   24/03/2011
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What type of Lasers do you use within the practice?

Argon: laser teeth whitening

Nd:YAG: soft tissue surgery, such as gingivoplasty, frenectomy, gingivectomy, bacterial reduction when treating gum disease. Latest research on pancreatic cancer is that periodontal disease contributed
to this type of cancer.The latest in heart and cardiovascular disease is also that gum and bone disease such as periodontal disease contributes to
the obove.

Er:Cr: YSGG the Erbium YSGG ie waterlaser MD is for removal of tooth decay/cavities while also econtaminating the area, frenectomyn and crown lengthening.

Perio Diode: gum treatment and soft tissue surgery, such as gingivoplasty.

Low Level Laser Therpay (LLLT): biophotmodulation, treats canker sores,
herpes, sore jaws, helps relieve post-op discomfort and promotes post-op

Other high-tech equipment utilized within the practice, include;

Digital X-rays: these produce 90% less radiation than conventional
film-based X-ray. The images appear instantaneously on the computer monitor allowing Dr York to immediately view the images and discuss treatment options with you.

Intraoral camera: Our camera is a wonderful visual aidm It allows you to see exactly what dr York sees as she esamines your smile and each individual tooth.

Keywords: Emergency Dentistry

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