el wire, electroluminescent wire

el wire, electroluminescent wire from Keyan Phosphor Tech.

By: Keyan Phosphor Tech.  28/04/2009
Keywords: electroluminescent wire, el panel poaster

electroluminescent wire emits lights all the body and looks like PVC telephone line, it is flexible and soft. Safe and environment-protecting, also save energy. It can apply to :1. Christmas day:  for lighting decoration, flash gift, twinkle pendant.2. Advertisement: flash and colorful, also you can make by your design, easy to make.3. Bar, dancery, nightclub: peaceful and fantastic lights, different flash funtion.4. toy, crafts and arts: fix or adhere on picture, wall, glass, etc by hand. 5. house and party decoration: decorate house, garden and party shining in night.6. warning sign and temporary mark: easy to see and understanding in dark or foggy day.7. Lighting performance costume

Keywords: el panel poaster, electroluminescent wire,