new range of swanneck pens

new range of swanneck pens from Swanneck Ltd

By: Swanneck Ltd  29/10/2011
Keywords: Healthcare, office stationery, school supplies

“SWANNECK” PEN WITH ADDED ANTIMICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY " Swanneck pens incorporate Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology tested to ISO 22196:2011 which cover claims of efficacy against MRSA , Staph, Aureus and E. Coli Helps stop the spread of viruses and bacteria with "Swanneck" Antimicrobial protection built into our pens. -How many hands touch the pens at the doctor's office, hospital ward, the bank, the teacher's desk each day? How many viruses, colds or flu, and bacteria such as MRSA are on those pens? Health-care workers rarely sterilized any writing instruments. The types and amounts of germs found on pens in hospitals and other medical office settings have shown to have multiple colonies of bacteria, and were considered fomites or inanimate objects capable of transmitting germs or viruses between people. The writing pen can be one of the biggest sources of transmission regarding the spread of infection, Studies have shown that pens from health-care workers have tested positive for viruses and bacteria, including influenza, VRE, and MRSA. "Swanneck" Pens with Biomaster Technology, Provide a way to stop the spread of infectious disease via writing utensils that people would actually use, inexpensive and practical ensuring maximum protection, no need to have to keep sanizing the Swanneck Pens as protection is build into all the plastic parts, not just the grip! "Swanneck" pens with Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology is the trusted brand for combating the growth of bacteria worldwide. Used extensively in the healthcare & medical and Food hygiene markets "Swanneck" Pens with Biomaster are proven to reduce the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99% and is a safe, effective and permanent solution for reducing the risk of cross infection lasting the lifetime of the pen.” The “swanneck” logic pen brings a logical solution to the worlds writing needs whatever language you write, ‘left to right’ as in English, ‘right to left’ as in Arabic text, ‘top to bottom’ like Chinese and Japanese. Left-handed or right handed. The writer is able to clearly see what they are writing without obscuring their written text or Letters – especially beneficial when a child is learning to write. The” Swanneck” Pens represent a revolution in ballpoint pen design that's not only ergonomic, it looks great too. • Suitable for left and right-handers of all ages and children with special needs Patented and design registered community design 00835996-001, USA design reg no D603896, UAE 225/2008 SAUDI ARABIA design no 995 app no 408290135 world patent and design application applied.

Keywords: educational products, educational supplies, Healthcare, office stationery, school supplies

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21st Century innovation Swanneck Pens

Swanneck Ltd are delighted to announce that their logic pen has now been launched into the UK education market after 7 years' research and development. The Swanneck pen brings a logical solution to the world’s writing needs, whatever language you write. Whether it be ‘left to right’ in English, ‘right to left’ in Arabic, or ‘top to bottom’ in Chinese and Japanese.