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Wardrobe Styling Revamp Your Wardrobe Now from GabrielleTeare.Com

By: GabrielleTeare.Com  13/02/2009
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As a I spend many hours reviewing wardrobes. Given the fact that we only wear a shocking 20% of what we buy, frankly most of my clients waste money. The buzz of buying translates into the unworn, there is nothing remotely glamorous about this. Learn the difference between style and fashion and wear most of your wardrobe until it wears out.

“Fashion” is last season’s sleeveless jacket. Hugely expensive, but did you ever see anyone wearing this?? This is a non garment too cold to be a jacket, too edgy to be worn often by most in public. “Fashion” is also the here today, gone tomorrow looks that reinvigorate your wardrobe. Shoes are a fantastic “fashion” statement and so are bags. Fashion should be fun!

We all need regular “fashion” hits but we should not pay too much for them. Remember the 80:20 rule, and do not pay over the odds for something you will wear only for a season or not at all. Buy the diffusion ranges or the better high street brands and look to wear for 2 seasons only.

Sometimes we are all hit with a “I will die if I don’t have that” and these instincts should be followed for  sheer fun occasionally, but if you let them dominate your wardrobe you will have nothing to wear.

Style is what you actually wear 90% of the time so spend money here, buy the best you can afford and look to keep the clothes. A great beautiful coat in your style and colours will last 10 years so simply buy a more expensive one. The “fashionable” coat will last 4 months so don’t pay too much, have fun with it buy a great colour, and look to replace it.

Find your signature style. Last summer when smocks were in most of my clients bought them. These are now part of the vast unworn in your wardrobe, along with the sleeveless jacket etc. Style should be items that you love deeply that you will wear forever. Jackets, jewellery, coats, cashmere should not be dull but beautiful in rich colours. Fit is everything, buy for how you are now, not for when you lose weight, for example, as this does not work. Buy beautifully cut garments that flatter whatever shape or size you are now.

If grey is in, and it does not suit you then don’t buy it. In short, learn what suits your body, learn what style you are and buy clothes that fit you. Baggy clothes generally don’t flatter and make you look fatter than you are. Go spend your money on fantastic must-have shoes instead or a great piece of jewellery and when things are in the shops that you love, that make your heart sing, that really really suit you, buy them. These will form a great wardrobe for many seasons to come. Aim to be beautiful and fabulous and you will be!   

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