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By: Quadtronix Business Systems  21/01/2009
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Because maximizing your budget is essential, why not discover the hidden profit opportunities in your business? Act now and request your Free Print & Data Audit.The longer you put it off the more you've got to lose. Right now you could be pleasantly surprised by the increase in Profits available to you. - In today's challenging business environment, What Have You Got To Lose? Printing, Photocopying, Scanning, Faxing etc. is eating into your profit in many ways, some of which you may not have realised. Whether it's initial outlay for products, lease or rental costs, servicing, consumables, running costs, inefficiencies, multiple suppliers & maintainers, floor space and storage space, general administration & management or outsourcing costs it all adds up to alot of money and time, and time=money!. The standard approach to the purchase of office equipment in the U.K. has hardly changed in the last decade. For sure models have changed; digital was all the rage and is now the norm. But the process of selection, from our experience has not. If you purchase a printer or copier just because you want something that puts toner onto paper or a scanner because it's now the new "must have" in the office, then we need to meet now! Think about it from a different viewpoint...., we arrange a convenient time to visit your office and carry out a complete document production and management audit free of charge. We look at all your current printers, copiers, scanners & fax machines, take into account your workflow mechanisms. We talk to your staff and managers and ascertain your exact requirements and listen to your problems. We check your meter readings and invoices. Once the entire fact finding is complete, we then present you with a comprehensive plan showing the return on investment and profit retention realisable by implementing our proposals. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment to manage your document production and management in the most cost-effective way, while ensuring your staff have all the document facilities they require to complete their work in the most efficient way. There is no initial outlay, all you do is pay for the prints and copies that you will use on a monthly basis. We will include all the consumables, servicing and maintenance and even the paper if you wish. A bespoke managed plan just for your organisation. One invoice per month for ALL your equipment. If you are unsure whether this applies to you, here are some typical symptoms you might relate to, which means that there are probably multiple opportunities within your business to drive our some of the costs and inefficiencies of your document printing and production. Copiers and Printers becoming more and more unreliable? Staff continuously complaining about copier s downtime? Printer consumables getting more and more expensive? Ordering consumables from one supplier, paying the lease costs to another, servicing is done by yet another and would you believe the maintenance is controlled by yet another? Printers and copiers maintained by different suppliers? Seem to be using more and more printing ink? You know staff are printing copies that are not required but you can t control who is doing it and how much you are wasting? Are you having to outsource print jobs? Is colour being used more than it should be? Do you think you are tied into an agreement which you can't terminate? Do you understand the problems but are unsure of how to fix them? Well we do… If any of this sounds familiar, your first step to resolving your challenges is quite simple. Book a a free print and document management audit to find out the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your current products, bottlenecks in your workflow and where your money is being wasted.

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