Electronic Document Management Systems

By: Quadtronix Business Systems  21/01/2009
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The average professional spends 6 weeks per year waiting or searching for mis-filed documents. On a salary of £40,000 p.a. that's costing your organisation £4,615! Conventional filing is also expensive in terms of the valuable space it takes up. A four drawer filing cabinet costs £16,000 to fill and £1,440 p.a. to maintain. If your office space costs £35 per sq. ft., then ten typical four drawer filing cabinets will cost £5,240 p.a. just to accommodate them, that's without the cost of copying! Office supply costs, such as paper, printer consumables, files, binders, toner, etc. continue to increase year after year. So today is the age of electronic technology, and yet the sheer volume of non-electronic information is enormous. So much paper-based information! It's expensive in terms of filing cabinet space. It's expensive to file and retrieve, and then there's the risk that a disaster like fire, flood or malicious damage could destroy all the information in an instant.

Whatever the size of your business, implementing an electronic document management system will bring a host of benefits, giving you the competitive edge. Quadtronix have a range of products to help improve your business, and allow you to offer your customers a higher level of service, whilst reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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