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By: Alun Jones - Talking to people... Changing the world  09/02/2016
Keywords: reiki, life coach, energy healing

What would you like to get out of your session with me today? This is the first question I ask when someone comes to see me. What this means for you is that you can be sure that you lead the conversation and direction of the session and are in charge of what topics we discuss and cover. Depending on what your needs are and what help you feel you need, I will draw upon the following tools, practices, processes, and modalities: Access Consciousness® processes, tools, and questioning techniques (Developed by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer) NLP coaching tools and processes EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Other coaching tools that I’ve developed over the years. We will work together in a space that provides the support you require to eliminate limitations and to open the path to creating the life you would like. I will help you become less fearful and more trusting in you. Imagine the freedom to choose what you would like to experience in life and feeling empowered to make it happen... What’s key is that we both feel comfortable working together as some of the stuff that can come up in a session can be quite deep and personal, often with an emotional charge. I don’t judge you for your life or your experiences. I work with you and help you design, create, and generate the life you would like, bring out your own brilliance, and enjoy an extraordinary life! Everyone has different needs, and will be seeking a new or different direction. Together we will explore possibilities, traveling down the path together as you begin creating your life much more the way you would like it to be. You set the direction. You focus the conversation. And you are the one who benefits from your investment into you. I will not make the assumption that you have all the answers. I will ask questions, challenge assumptions, allow you the space to make your choices and choose your priorities. I will also encourage and support you to try new things. Above all, I will help to make it as light and easy for you as I can. Are you willing to let go of all that stuff you no longer require, and replace it instead with a life that’s more fulfilling, amazing, and enjoyable to experience? What needs to happen for this to be your reality? What would it take for you to take another step (or even a giant leap!) towards investing in yourself, your life, and your needs?

Keywords: Access Bars, energy healing, life coach, Nlp Coach, reiki

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