Thigh Holster Glock

Thigh Holster Glock from Compass International Corp.

By: Compass International Corp.  17/08/2010
Keywords: police


1. used to carry glock pistol Glock 18/19
2.  be fixed to the waist belts with two laces made of a strong rubber material in order to guarantee non-erosion during abrasion.
Adaptable length according to the height of the user and the two laces are shaped like a (v) letter to guarantee its ultimate fixation and not to seal the pant's pocket use.
Every lace has a axis that controls the length of the lace .under the axis there is also a delicate tape made of strong rubber which has to be black.
3) The lace fixed around the waist belt  be made of detachable (Velcro┬«) and is connected to a buckle made of strong nylon, shaped as a circle with the ability to rotate
4) .at the end of every lace , there is a buckle made of strong nylon and also there is lace behind the hinge which is fixed and made of strong rubber and it has to be black.
5)  The pistol be protected by a lock in the middle of the holster and works automatically as soon as it is placed inside the holster. the pistol cannot be removed unless unlocked by the forefinger.
There is a button to lock the weapon and it is easily loosen by the fore finger when needed.
6) Light weight and supreme quality.

Keywords: police