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Weather Check - Weather Spain from Barcelonareporter

By: Barcelonareporter  19/01/2010
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We know that you are planning a trip to Spain but before you go on an awesome vacation to Spain it would be wise to know more about the weather in general for the country.

Normally tourist flock Spain because of the amazing weather. Though Spain guarantees a lovely and sunny stay on Spain's famous beaches all day of the year it’s still advisable to check on the latest happening at the weather front in Spain.

The minimum temperature today in Spain is 0C and the maximum temperature is 7C making it quite chilly and cold, so if you were planning to take a beach tan its advisable you switch over to skiing. Spain is full of different avenues, no matter what the climate is Spain would have an activity to offer to the Spain lovers.

The winds would flow at a rate of 2km per hour, so check out that as well!!
It would be an average visibility upto 10 km and the humidity level would be 46%,these are considered to be the wettest month in Spain.

And for all the honeymoon couples and romantic people it would be partly cloudy in Spain, get into the romantic mood, lit the candles and enjoy the music of the weather.

Hope the weather check would help you plan your day, plan your activities and help you choose your attires.
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Keywords: Weather Spain