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By: Easyreplication  13/04/2012
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How to Find the Perfect CD/DVD Duplication Service in the ?

With the recent uproar over copyright laws and rights of data sharing minds, there has been a lot of debate and doubt over what is legal and what is not in terms of copying, duplicating or replicating a CD or a DVD. The truth is that you could be on either side and yet you cannot help but agree that as long as technology allows it, there will always be people and groups who will know how to copy and share data irrespective of the laws that aim to put restrictions on them. Some might also argue that such laws infringe the rights of people who believe in free sharing of information. We can also agree that a lot of people in the are not really aware of either the process of CD/DVD duplication or the protection of their rights when it comes to CD or DVD duplication. 

Awareness among people – The people need to be made aware of the fact that CD duplication is not necessarily equivalent to piracy. Most of the clients of CD/DVD copying are mainly local bands and small indie filmmakers who want to make copies of their demos, EPs or films. If a person has the creative ownership right over the content, then it does not fall under the purview of piracy. You need to know this so that you are not duped into paying a high cost by some service provider claiming that what you are doing is illegal.

Unit Cost per CD/DVD – It is generally assumed that a person who is looking for a CD/DVD duplication service and not a recording company or a production house is not exactly in a position to pay a premium price. The accepted rate for most CD duplication service providers is anywhere between 35p to 50p. These rates, as you can see are clearly made for people who cannot or do not want to use the services of expensive studios. All over the , DVD copying services are scattered adequately. This is no surprise because has a very rich culture of independent musicians and filmmakers, most of who peak at their student phase or any other phase when finances might be tight. Try to ensure that the service provider you choose does not charge you exorbitant fees.

Quality Rules in the End – One of the main reasons why a person would want to go to a CD duplication service and not just use one’s CD writer at home is that it is very difficult to match the professional quality standards the good providers have. One can also get the inlay art and cover art customized and printed in such a way that they look like record company discs.

Keywords: cd duplication

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