LG 8x Int Slim DVDRW Black Bare - SATA

LG 8x Int Slim DVDRW Black Bare - SATA from Bipra Limited

By: Bipra Limited  23/11/2009

LG 8x Int Slim DVDRW Black Bare - SATA

Enhance your notebook capabilities with Super-Multi internal DVD rewriters from LG.Write and rewrite CD discs at a 24x max speed, and write DVD±R discs at 8x. For triple compatibility, Super-Multi technology supports CD, DVD±R, and DVD-RAM formats. The choice is simple with LG's Super-Multi notebook DVD Rewriters.

Key Features

  • 12.7MM Height Internal
  • MAX 8X DVD±R Write Speed
  • MAX 24X CD Write Speed
  • Windows Vista™ Compatible

Triple Compatibility
LG SuperMulti DVD Rewriter - SuperMulti optical drives can
read and write three types of DVD formats in one convenient
1. DVD+R
This gives you the option to choose the media best suited for
each task.

Serial ATA Techonology
Serial ATA is a 1.5Gbps evolutionary replacement for the
Parallel ATA physical storage interface used to connect
storage devices, such as hard disks, DVD and CD rewriters to
the PC motherboard. Serial ATA is scalable, enables design
of smaller PCs, and will allow future enhancements to the
computing platform.