Ellion HMR-700A External500gb Media Centre Player & Recorder Unit with LAN / HDMI 1 Year Warranty

Ellion HMR-700A  External500gb Media Centre Player & Recorder Unit with LAN / HDMI 1 Year Warranty from Bipra Limited

By: Bipra Limited  01/01/2010

* Supported Video: MPEG2 HD (ts, tp), Xvid HD (avi), DivX 3/4/5, Xvid (avi), MPEG1/2/4 (dat.mpg.vob.ifo), DVD (VOB, ISO), DV25 (Digital Camcorder)

* Streaming Video on PC Client: ASF, TP, TS, .mkv, h.264 (ts,tp) und WMVHD

* Supported Audio: Dolby Digital, MP3, WMA, AC3, CDDA, LPCM, AAC, OGG

* Supported Photos: JPEG, BMP, PNG

Recording & Upscaled Playback:

You can record user-made contents from Digital Camcorder and VCR or TV-programs from Set Top Boxes, and you can enjoy them upscaled up to 1080i through HDMI. With HMR-700A supporting HD AV Files like MPEG 2 HD(TS), XvidHD and Video files like MPEG 1/2/4 and Xvid you can enjoy High Definition Video Contents (up to 1080i) on HD screen. You can enjoy fantastic digital sound through optical/coaxial digital out, too.

Enjoy Digital A/V in HD (1080i)
HD AV files: MPEG 2 HD (TS, TP)
Your recorded and edited A/V contents
Video File: MPEG 1/2/4, XVid
Audio File: Dolby Digital, AC3, OGG
Photo File: JPG, BMP (16/32 bit)

Timer Programming
Preset a time when the HMR-700A should automatically record a program. You can view your recordings when ever you want to and won' t miss any episode of your favourite series.

Time Shift

You can pause and enjoy delayed playback of live TV program when HMR-700A is connected with a set top box.

One Touch Guide Menu

The user friendly designed remote control and GUI (Graphic User Interface) helps you to use and enjoy the various functions of the HMR-700A easily.

Multi-way File Copy
You can transfer files between HMR-700A and PC or various USB devices through LAN or USB 2.0 (480 MB/s) without using any computer. You can also create folders and save or transfer files from/to the folders.

Editing Recorded A/V Title without PC

You can format HDD without PC and edit your recorded contents with the functions of A-B Delete (select and erase any part of Title), Split, Merge and Rename. With the HMR-700A you can create your personal video contents without using any computer.

Digital Photo Album
You can also use the HMR-700A as a digital photo album for JPG, BMP and PNG files.

Juke Box Audio
The HMR-700A supports Digital Audio files such as Dolby Digital and OGG. You can store and enjoy them in HMR-700A.


You can enjoy AV contents with HMR-700A in your car through AV input of car AV system.

Easy and Fancy Design

HMR-700A has a unique, sleek and user friendly design which helps you to exchange HDD easily.

Various connections
Various connections help you to connect TV, AV equipment and external storage devices to the HMR-700A.

* 1x HDMI Output
* 2x USB 2.0 Host
* 1x USB 2.0 Target
* 1x LAN Port
* 2x Euro Scart (Input and Output)
* 1x Component Output (Y, Pb, Pr)
* 1x AV Input
* 1x AV Output (RCA)
* 1x Coaxial & 1x Optical Digital Audio-Output
* 1x DV In

Recording Specification:

Mode: HQ, SP, LP, EP, SLP
Video Format: MPEG II
Audio Format: MPEG II

Playback Specification:
Video: MPEG2 HD (ts,tp), Xvid HD (avi), MPEG 1/2(dat,mpg,vob,ifo), Xvid(avi),DV25 (digital camcorder)
Audio: Dolby Digital, AC3, CDDA, LPCM, AAC, OGG

Subtitles: smi, ssa, srt

Rear Connectors:
2 x USB Host Ports
1 x USB link port for PC
10/100 LAN
Scart IN
Scart OUT
Composite IN
Composite OUT
Audio IN
Audio OUT
Component OUT (Y/Pb/Pr)
Digital Audio OUT
DV IN / I.Link / IEEE1394