New Squadrons join the Register

By: The Mildenhall Register  09/01/2013
Keywords: Personnel Research, Squadron Histories,

With 75 (New Zealand) Squadron having tentatively joined in 2011 for the annual reunion, they chose to hold their own seperate reunion in 2012 to coincide with the Bomber Command memorial ceremony and the large influx of New Zealanders who had made the trip. For 2013, they will be with us again in Mildenhall for the reunion 17th - 19th May.

Also taking up our offer has been 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron. They served a short time at Mildenhall, before moving away. Their approximately 120 members are coming under our wing and we hope many will be joining us at Mildenhall for the 2013 reunion.

We are still hoping to attract membership from family whose relatives may have served at Mildenhall during the war and post war, until it's handover to the USAFE, our hosts annually at the reunion dinners.

Another aim ids to attract membership from a number of other squadrons who served at Mildenhall for at least part of WW2, Namely 44, 115 and 419 (Moose) Squadrons. So if you served with any of these, or know someone who did, let them and us know.

Keywords: Personnel Research, Squadron Histories,