Handbuilt acoustic guitars, mandolins, mandolas, citterns, bouzoukis, banjos, ukuleles.

Handbuilt acoustic guitars, mandolins, mandolas, citterns, bouzoukis, banjos, ukuleles. from Pickard Acoustics

By: Pickard Acoustics  17/12/2010
Keywords: guitar, musical instruments, acoustic guitar

   Pickard Acoustics offers a wide range of handbuilt steel-strung guitars,  mandolin family instruments, banjos and  Nylgut®-strung  ukuleles. (Nylon-strung guitars are available to special order). Guitars, ukuleles and mandolin family instruments all feature a unique bracing system which produces a bright tone and even response. Each instrument is built using solid wood construction, employing a variety of tone-woods and spruce or cedar tops, and features a glued dovetail joint connecting neck to body (including Ukuleles). Six-string guitars  are available in three basic sizes (small, medium and large) and four different body shapes or series. Coupled with the choice of 12 or 14 frets to the body this gives a range of more than 24 different six-string guitars  plus 8  twelve-string guitars! For other members of the guitar family (e.g. six & twelve-string baritone guitars, acoustic bass guitars, tenor guitars, 'terz' guitars, etc.) please contact Pickard Acoustics. Mandolins are available in two different body shapes or series.  Octave Mandolas, Bouzoukis (4-course) and 5-course Citterns complete the Mandolin Family. Ukuleles are available in five sizes (Sopranino, Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone). Strung with Aquila Nylgut® strings. Banjos are available as 5-string, Plectrum, Tenor or 6-string; and either Open-back or Resonator Models.Any instrument can be customised to your own specifications in terms of inlays, decorative bindings and purflings.  

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