REIKI THERAPY AND REIKI TEACHING AND ATTUNMENT from Dee Browne at the Clinic of Well-being

By: Dee Browne at the Clinic of Well-being  17/11/2010
Keywords: personal development, healing, back pain

Reiki therapy originates from Japan and uses natural life force energy to stimulate the bodies own natural healing energy.
Reiki therapy is done fully clothed and can be either hands on or, if preferred, with the hands not in direct contact with the body.
Reiki is believed to asist with emotional problems as well as physical ones. Most people find undergoing reiki healing is a very relaxing and invigorating experience.

Reiki teaching comes in three levels.
Reiki one - begginner level
Reiki two - practitioner level
Reiki three - master and teacher.

Reiki is passed down through a linage which goes back to Dr Mikao Usui who is said to have re-discovered the ancient form of reiki which is believed to originate from two japanese Kanji. the original translation means "universal life force energy".
Reiki is not only a strong healing energy, it is also thought to be a privilege bestowed upon you by the great Japanese masters.

Each level of reiki requires two days in the classroom and certain practice and further development during the few weeks afterwards which have to be checked by the teacher/master. This can be done in your spare time and is very flexible depending on the individual circumstances. Each level of reiki must be completed and a certificate held prior to taking the next level.
The treatment room at the clinic is pictured above. 

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