By: Dee Browne at the Clinic of Well-being  17/11/2010
Keywords: weight loss, hypnotherapy, personal development

Todays world tends to pile pressure on us to stop smoking, look good, lose weight, to get fit etc. We tend to feel pressured into going to the gym, to starve ourselves with the latest diet or to spend all week in a beauty salon just to fit in. In reality it is often the pressure that all this causes that can have an adverse effect on our confidence and make achieving our goals less likely. We need to cleanse our minds before we cleanse our bodies. We need to believe before we can achieve.
With hypnosis you can help reframe the mind to help get rid of old and bad habits, to assist weight loss, to stop smoking, to relieve stress and to build confidence. It can help with pain releif and control, trauma, anxiety, depression, insomnia, allergies, phobias, childrens problems and much, much more. The list of things that hypnosis can help with is far too extensive to list here so if your particular problem is not listed please don't think that hypnosis is not for you. If you have a problem and would like to find out if hypnosis could help please don't hesitate to call and discuss it.

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