By: Wodoco Ltd  08/10/2012
Keywords: environmentally friendly, fuel efficiency, Safer Environment

A hydrocarbon liquid that promotes a more efficient burn of the carbon in your fuel.This in turn increases the power/heat output per litre of fuel used and thus saves money.A significant reduction in emissions of C02,Nox,paticulates and smoke will also occur.We expect a minimum 10% saving based on known results from field trials ,current users and testimonials

Keywords: C02 Reduction, environmentally friendly, fuel efficiency, Safer Environment

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Dipetane fuel treatment

A fuel treatment that facilitates a more complete combustion of the carbon in liquid fuels,resulting in reduced emissions and



Dipetane saves you money and helps towards a cleaner environment. 



Dipetane.Guarantees to reduce your emissions and improve fuel efficiency .Save you money by promoting a cleaner burn.No downsides and no harmful residues.