Canine massage

By: Relaxing Thyme  05/01/2010
Keywords: Complementary Health

With this years hard cold nigths many dogs are taken to their vets with sprained limbs, after xrays showing that there are no broken bones, the dog is given metacam to relief any fliud build up, in time your dog may need a massage, (gentle touch theraphy), as it is called, very gentle circular movements to increase the blood flow to the effected area.

These therapies should only be done by a trained therapist, as we know the anatomy and physiology of your dog or cat, please always check your therapists quailifications and ask for references if need be, you would not trust yourself in the hands of an unquailified person and you would not wish your pet to be further harmed.

Some animals that l am often asked to help through massage are dogs with behind problems, strained backs, after operations, torn ligamnets,

each cause is looked at, making sure that it is safe to offer massage, then with the animals vets guidance, we work together in offering your pet the very best health care.


Keywords: Complementary Health