Mindful Mamma one day birth preparation class

Mindful Mamma one day birth preparation class from Yourbirthright

By: Yourbirthright  04/05/2008
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Where can a woman turn to for positive, factual, helpful antenatal advice when she becomes pregnant? The birth is a big deal -she has been told it will hurt, but she may not want the drugs. She is scared that she can't manage the pain without the drugs. What can she do? Meanwhile, dad needs to be at the birth, but he is worried about seeing her in pain, about the fact that he doesn't really know what to do, and what if things go wrong? Well, Mia Scotland and Sophie Fletcher have come up with a wonderful antenatal class that helps mum and dad release their fear, leading to a calmer, more relaxed birth. Did you know research shows that a relaxed mum actually reduces the pain of labour? In some cases, mum can be so relaxed, that she has an entirely pain free labour. If you find this hard to believe, see it for yourself by looking at yourbirthright's website for their birth stories.

The "Mindful Mamma" class is a one day class held in Nottingham and Leicester, with your budget and time pressures in mind. They cost from £79 per couple, which includes all handouts, and your Mindful Mamma pregnancy and birth preparation CD. These classes show you amazing deep relaxation techniques that mums learn to use long before the labour, so she can easily apply them on the day. Mia Scotland, a trained HypnoBirthing practitioner, clinical psychologist and birth doula runs these classes. In the four years that she has been running antenatal classes, she has received incredibly positive feedback. For example, one mum wrote "Mia was very approachable...extremely informative, I learnt more from these sessions than from midwife and (nhs) antenatal classes! Thank-you!" Mia has also been to births, in her capacity as a doula. she says "what I love about this job is seeing mums change their attitude during the class, from really frightened, to really excited about their birth. And then, of course, I hear the birth stories after the classes. I often hear mums say that their midwife didn't believe she was in labour, because she was so calm. Midwives aren't used to seeing calm mums during labour."

Before running these classes, Mia's job was in the NHS, helping mums who were struggling to recover from traumatic births. These mumswere having trouble in their sexual relationships and in contemplating having another baby. This sparked off a particular interest in birthing and how it can have a profound effect on the mum, her baby and her partner.So she trained as a HypnoBirthing practitioner and birth doula and began running antenatal classes with a positive, informative, educative approach- very different from the usual antenatal classes that people are used to. She says "I am so struck by how amazing childbirth can really be - when a woman isn't scared, her body just gets on with it. Unfortunately, because so many women are scared, their bodies tense up, which can create all sorts of problems like slowed labour, increased pain, and distressed baby." Having had three children herself, with no medication, she knows what she is talking about.

Where are the classes held? You have a choice of classes in the centre of Nottingham (with good motorway and public transport access) or Leicester .See www.yourbirthright.co.uk for details of the classes, for real life amazing birth stories, and to receive Yourbirthright's monthly newsletter. Alternatively, phone 0845 868 5904 to find out more.

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