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Easy dog training from Dog Whisperer

By: Dog Whisperer   01/03/2011
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A dog whisperer is a person who achieves a certain dog behaviour using a dog's natural instincts.

I offer dog-friendly cures for behaviour problems such as:-

pulling on the leash - jumping up - recalling your dog - dog aggression - dog biting - nervous or fearful dogs snapping and lunging - grooming phobias - fence barking - walking to heel - sit/stay/come/down commands - car/vehicle phobias - nervous dogs - dog mouthing or dog biting - puppy biting - food aggression - dog growling/nipping at visitors - nuisance barking - jumping onto the furniture - barking at the window - peeing or worse on your carpet or bed - protecting your young children or grandchildren - mild or severe dog aggression - excessive excitement - barking at other dogs - spinning on the leash - snarling dogs - fearful dogs - territorial dogs - sibling dog fights - dog walking problems - too much barking at the door - frightening the postman or delivery drivers - Vet phobias.

A dog whisperer might also be called a dog behaviourist or a dog trainer. The aim is the same. To achieve a level of dog obedience that the owner is happy with. That can range from the highest standards at Crufts Obedience Championships to simply walking to heel without pulling on the leash and lunging at other dogs.

I like to help those people who have given a good home to a rescue dog but have discovered a few behaviour problems or to help those whose dog has gradually become fearful and aggressive to other dogs, maybe because of a dog fight. Through my contacts at Rescue Centres I also help to rehabilitate severely abused and traumatised dogs, breeding dogs that have been disposed of and which may never have run on grass or stepped out of a kennel.

 My aim is a happy owner and a happy dog. Pure and simple.

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