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By: Share The Dream  22/11/2008
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Planning Your Wedding On A Budget?  Firstly Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding 
It is possible to do everything you want to do and have everything you want to have, on your Wedding Day, without blowing a huge hole in your finances. You and your Bride to Be or Husband to Be are the most important people involved, please do not lose sight of who your Wedding Day is for.  Remember this is your day, your decision. Everything is within your control if you choose it to be.  There is usually a lot of pressure from others, when you are planning your Wedding.  It seems that everyone wants to be in on the planning.  That’s great, as long as they put their money behind their suggestions.  If not, you will soon find catering to everyone’s need or want very costly and time consuming.
FIRST THINGS FIRST.  Take the time to think carefully about how much money there is available.  Be honest with yourselves.  If you start stretching what is available now, you will continue to add-on all through the planning stage.  Make a decision and stick to it. Prioritise your list.   Book and pay your deposits for Church, Reception Photographer and Minister    Be clear make your Wedding fit your budget, not the other way around. My best advice; enjoy yourselves, have fun, stick to your list, look for ideas from friend’s weddings.  The internet is full of inspiration.  Search:  planning a wedding.  Wedding themes, wedding colour themes, wedding venue’s, wedding cars, wedding flowers, wedding dresses, designer wedding dresses. When you have done all of that, ask yourself how you might have everything you want, on your budget.
THE CHURCH/REGISTRY OFFICE Book these first.  Some people have started planning their Weddings 18 months or more in advance. 
THE RECEPTION Get this booking done as soon as you have the Church The Wedding Dress Start looking as soon as soon as you can.  I would suggest considering buying a pre-worn Bridal Gown.   There a literally hundreds of Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Mother of the Bride Outfits, veils and all manner of accessories on .   
HINT  You may already have fallen in love with the most beautiful Wedding Dress.  The downside is it is way out of your budget.   Go window shopping, try one on, find a used model for a fraction of the cost.  Wedding Dresses are worn for approximately 7.5 hours.  Hardly makes them second hand!  Most Brides have had them dry cleaned before selling on.  Check with the seller at the point of making your decision. Of course there are lots of websites selling second hand Wedding Dresses.  Search for Second Hand Wedding Dress, second hand bridal gown, used wedding dress.  You get the idea.  You can also sell your Bridal Gown on again after your big day.  It will still only have been worn for 15 hours at most. 
RECEPTION  This is where you can really get creative.  Hire your local hall and set about planning how to decorate the inside.  Search the internet for ideas:  Wedding decoration-wedding planners-wedding flowers.    A couple of years ago a dear friend of mine hired her local village hall for her 40th Birthday Celebration.   It looked stunning.  The tables were laid with beautiful White linen, candles, flowers floating in scented water.  Vases of flowers all over the hall, bought for a song at the local florist.  These days you can hire anything, anything at all.  Put your mind to it. With the money you save buying a second hand Bridal Gown, hire a party decorator from your local yellow pages.  They are absolutely amazing at turning your venue into whatever you envisage it to be.  If an Arabian Tent is what you imagine that is exactly what you will get.  Consider a wedding theme – the 60’s, the 40’s- the 80’s.  Use your imagination.  No one will remember what the outside of the hall looked like, only what it felt like being with everyone inside.
PHOTOGRAPHS  Buy lots and lots of disposable cameras.  Put them on each table.  Your guests will love capturing your Wedding on film.
BRIDEGROOM AND BEST MAN  Hire their outfits, how often are they going to wear tail coats or waistcoats. 
WEDDING CARS/HORSE & CARRIAGE/ETC Book these when you book the Church etc.,  Especially if you have your heart set on a certain mode of transport. Have a Wonderful Wedding Day. Lorraine x

I am always happy to answer any questions you might have.

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