Why a Slow Comfortable Screw is not as daft as it sounds !

Why a Slow Comfortable Screw is not as daft as it sounds ! from the Cocktail Shaker Boys

By: the Cocktail Shaker Boys  01/08/2009
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Here's a thought. A slow comfortable screw is not as silly or obscene name as it first appears !

There is a growing trend for cocktails to have increasingly rude names. But the Slow Comfortable Screw started the trend and in actual fact it is a very clever name, well we think so anyway !

It gives a clue to it's ingredients. The Slow refers to Sloe Gin, an ingredient in this cocktail. The Comfortable refers (you're already there ahead of me) to Southern Comfort. The third ingredient is orange juice which is of course an ingredient in the old classic cocktail - the Screwdriver.

So there you have it ! A Slow Comfortable Screw contains Sloe Gin, Southern Comfort and orange juice - clever huh !

As for a screaming orgasm, or a slippery nipple, or sex on the beach, that's a whole different story !!

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