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By: the Cocktail Shaker Boys  08/04/2009
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We are often asked for some top tips for making your own cocktails at home. And of course tips are all those mistakes that we have made in life that we can now pass on in the form of advice, tips, free help and suggestions.

What follows are a series of things we've learned over the years.

The first tip is to add a little egg white to opaque drinks - in other words not creamy ones. Break an egg, set the yolk to one side and cut the gloopy egg white a bit to make it easier to spoon in to your cocktail shaker or blender. And you will only need around a teaspoon per drink. 

When you shake it it will give your drink an attractive thin frothy head. It looks great.

The second tip is to buy some Grenadine syrup. It is non-alcoholic or at least most brands are, and therefore should only cost around £7. Sainsbury's sell it as the first item on the left as you enter the drinks section. You can't miss it - it is bright red !

You can add it to drinks such as Tequlia Sunrise and it will give that fantastic red glow at the bottom of the glass. Because it is a syrup it sinks straight to the bottom of the glass. It also looks great if you add a splash of it to cream drinks. When you shake it, provided the other ingredients are clear liquids, you're going to end up with a pink drink. Your guests will be blown away. Simple stuff but really, really effective and stunning - and of course dead easy. 
The third tip here is hopefully fairly obvious. Don’t (whatever you do) put fizzy drinks in the shaker, unless you were planning on redecorating the kitchen the next day anyway !  

There will be more top tips for making cocktails at home in a future article, but cocktails should carry a health warning : be aware that cocktails are smooth, and innocuous. Be careful of how much you’re drinking especially if you’re mixing your drinks. They’re sweet and completely unlike wine and beer as they slip down so easily, I know I’ve tried all 3 !  

They can be time consuming. They are and should be prepared as a work of art, they need to be prepared lovingly. But this can all be achieved very easily, with some elegant glassware, some straws and parasols and of course some passion !

These are your tips for today to help you make your own cocktails at home for yourselves, or your party guests wherever you are in Market Harborough, Great Bowden, Little Bowden, Great Oxenden, Kibworth, East Langton, Church Langton, Tur Langton, Hallaton, Medbourne, Uppingham, Oakham, Foxton, Clipston or in fact anywhere in the Harboro area.  

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