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By: the Cocktail Shaker Boys  07/03/2009
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There are countless cocktails you can make at home of course, but making a Tequila Sunrise is dead easy and it is of course one of the classics.

All you need are 4 items. First some tequila either gold or the more common silver - which is in fact clear like Vodka or Bacardi. The second ingredient is orange juice. Some good quality supermarket product will do the job. Then the clever bit : grenadine syrup and an elegant glass.

Grenadine syrup is widely available from the major supermarkets in Market Harborough or Kettering. You will find it among the spirits and liqueurs, but the majority of grenadine is non-alcoholic. All you need is a little (less than a teaspoon) and you pour it into the glass once the drink is made. Because it is a heavy syrup, it will sink straight to the bottom of the glass creating a fantastic glow.

That is why the fourth ingredient is the glass you pour it into. It is as important as the other 3. Ideally you want a martini glass (one of those wide at the top with a stem glasses). You can buy them from The Kitchen Range Cookshop on Church Street in Market Harborough.
The mix is one measure of tequila to 4 of orange. A great and stunning drink that is easy and relatively cheap to make. Creating cocktails at home is fun and rewarding and gets you remembered. And of course in these testing times - staying in is the new going out.

Cocktails for Market Harborough, Great Bowden, Kibworth, Foxton, the Langtons, Little Bowden, Hallaton and Medbourne. More recipes for cocktail making at home will follow soon.

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