Cocktail recipe ideas - some top tips for cocktail making at home - planning a cocktail party

By: the Cocktail Shaker Boys  14/03/2009
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We're often asked about some slightly unusual cocktail recipe ideas and some top tips for cocktail making at home or advice when planning a cocktail party.

We will post ideas for cocktail recipes on this site from time to time : they'll range for the sublime to the ridiculous, the complex to the dead easy, but we'll guide you through the process of how to make stunning mixed drinks with that WOW factor ! We'll give you tips along the way to help avoid the pitfalls and to produce your works of art easily by following some simple steps. 

The following are 2 recipes that are both popular and easy to make as each of them only involves 2 ingredients. Furthermore we tend to serve these without ice. OK, let's go ...

Sicilian Kiss  

1 measure of Amaretto
1 measure of Southern Comfort

This mixes a very sweet liqueur Amaretto which is made from peach kernels - but has a slightly marzipan flavour (almond influence), with the powerful slightly fiery quality of Southern Comfort. The latter liqueur has a powerful whiskey base but is in fact a peach flavoured liqueur.  

How to make it
1 measure of each - straight into the glass, and that's it, just give your amber concoction a quick stir and that's job done ! This drink is popular with both men and women, the sweet amaretto is offset by the spirity Southern Comfort. So they work together brilliantly, the sweetness of one offset by the spirity nature of the other. You try it and lets us know what you think. 

Rusty Nail 

1 measure whisky (scotch supposedly)
1 measure Drambuie

A lot more appetising than it's name suggests! This again is a 2 part mix, no ice straight into the glass. The 2 ingredients are both whisky based so this is probably best suited to people who like whisky, but if you're put off by the spirit quality of whisky that sets the back of your throat alight - try this cos it won't ! 

Drambuie (although whisky based) is a liqueur so it is very sweet. As a result it makes the drink a warming but highly quaffable concoction. One of my favourites for a winter's evening sat in fire of a roaring fire - perfect !

More recipes will follow soon, but if you're planning a cocktail party or just want some cocktail recipe ideas, or some top tips for cocktail making at home - we the Cocktail Shaker Boys of Market Harborough can help.

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