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By: the Cocktail Shaker Boys  07/03/2009
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Cocktail making at home can be fun, and rewarding. It will create interest and a talking point for your guests, and if it's just the 2 of you, why not experiment and try some new recipes. You'll do it with your cooking, so why not your with your drinks too ?

Now ice is a key part of cocktail making. But don’t put ice in the drinks. That’s what the shaker is for. Yes it’s what bars do, but only so that they can rip you off by giving you an oversized glass and charging you £9.50. It doesn’t work because by half way through the drink it’s all very dilute and probably tastes like flavoured water. Admittedly it looks great, because you have a large drink. But it is not a great way of enjoying a fantastic cocktail.

Most cocktails are mixed in traditional cocktail shakers. It adds to the drama and image of an exotic drink. But the whole idea is that the drink is cooled in the shaker with the ice and is then poured out through the strainer. So ice is not supposed to make it to the glass.

So when serving cocktails at home chill them in your shaker, (a drinks bottle will do if you've not got a shaker yet) and then serve them in the right sized glass. That way you and your guests will enjoy your drinks to the bottom of the glass.

For perfect cocktails in Market Harborough, Kibworth, Hallaton, Medbourne, all of the Langtons, Foxton, Oakham, Uppingham and Rutland, go steady on the ice ! Staying in is the new going out and with cocktails and ice - less really is more ! Have fun. 

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