ADB Solar SOLS / Carmanah A810 LED Solar Obstruction Light System

ADB Solar SOLS / Carmanah A810 LED Solar Obstruction Light System from Solar Aviation Lighting

By: Solar Aviation Lighting  25/01/2011
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Compliance with Standards

FAA: L-810 AC 150/5345-43 (Current Edition) and the FAA Engineering Brief No. 67 “Light Sources other than Incandescent and Xenon for Airport Lighting and Obstruction Lighting Fixtures.” Solar equipment exceeds requirements of FAA Engineering Brief No. 76 “Using Solar Power for Airport Obstruction Lighting.” L-810 is ETL Certified.

ICAO: Annex 14, Vol. I, para. 6.3

System Overview

The LED Solar Obstruction Lighting System (SOLS) is a FAA- and ICAO-compliant modular, stand-alone, self-contained solar-powered obstruction warning lighting system for towers and other structures. During the daytime, the solar panel charges the battery. At dusk, the photocell automatically activates the LED obstruction light until dawn. Dusk-to-dawn light control is activated by ambient solar lighting levels (Turn On at 35 foot candles / Turn Off at 52 foot candles) via a FAA-approved photocell.

The system is designed to require very low maintenance for long periods, while operating in harsh environments.

The system includes a steady burning red light fixture marking fixed obstructions to eliminate navigational hazards.

High-efficiency high-flux LED obstruction light • Weather- and corrosion-resistant light assembly and housing

32.5 cd brightness

FAA-approved photocell

Minimum 5-year battery life


The LED Solar Obstruction Light operates as follows:

Solar panels supply DC current to charge the deep cycle battery operating at 12 V.

charging is regulated by the pre-installed and wired charge controller in the outdoor-rated battery and controller enclosure.

The LED fixture is powered by the energy stored in the battery. System design is based on monthly site climate data such that the average solar panel output is greater than the average loading.

Theory of Operation

The SOLS operates automatically with no need for operator interaction under normal conditions. With normal daylight illumination, the solar panel is capable of producing sufficient current to charge the battery. The charging light indicates the battery is being charged by the solar panel. If the battery discharges to the pre-set load disconnect voltage due to long periods of poor weather, the low voltage disconnect (LVD) relay is activated, the controller’s red LED turns on, and the solar obstruction LED fixture is disconnected. Disconnecting the LED fixture prevents battery damage associated with complete discharge of the battery. The controller’s red LED will turn off when the battery recovers to about 50% of its rated capacity and the light fixture is automatically reconnected.

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