Hypno Band Weight Loss System

By: TranceFormation Hypnotherapy  12/07/2010
Keywords: Hypno-Band weight loss system

Weight loss for those with an BMI over 30. Gastric band surgery costs between £3,000 and £6,000 in the UK if you go privately. Under the NHS the wait and criteria make it dificult to get and surgery has obvious potential issues associated with any procedure under a genreal anaesthetic. Virtual Gastric Band via hypnosis is not only safe and effective but costs a fraction of the surgical model.
An free initial 30 minute consultation with determine whether this will be of benefit to you.
Performed by a Licenced Practitioner the Hypno Band procedure is carried out over 4 X 1 hr sessions and includes 2 cd/MP3 recordings to assist your progress.

Keywords: Hypno-Band weight loss system