The ultimate guid book to Leicester's swimming history

The ultimate guid book to Leicester's swimming history from Leicester History

By: Leicester History  19/12/2010
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The Walkers Stadium; the Tigers Ground; it's hard to imagine that a time might arrive when these symbols of sporting excellence could slip from Leicester's memory. Yet this is just what has happened to Leicester's great swimming tradition. The Roman baths lay in ruins, our swimming stadiums: Abby Park, The Bede House, Kenwood Lido, the Humberstone Lido and even St Margaret's Baths are now nothing but a memory.

The lives of Thomas Cook, Daniel Lambert, Jenny Fletcher and John Jarvis, have all been lived in our city and their legacy laid to rest - until now. Hung Out to Dry Swimming and British Culture, puts flesh on the bones of British history, exposing for the first time the dramatic impact that swimmers have had on culture and morals. Readers will discover why our Roman Baths closed, why swimmers were chased out of Abbey Park, and how bathers in Leicester helped reshape not just British culture but to varying degrees that of the world.

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