Keep Your Lawn Fresh & Hydrated This Summer!

Keep Your Lawn Fresh & Hydrated This Summer! from Greensleeves Lawn Care (Leicester East)

By: Greensleeves Lawn Care (Leicester East)  11/05/2011
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  Phew! Warm Dry Weather. Great, but NOT for lawns! Unprecedented at this time of year

Lawn Spiking & Hydration
What Is It?
Spiking involves poking small holes into the lawn using a specialist machine. This helps air and water penetrate down to the root zone encouraging the growth of healthy grass. Applying a Wetting Agent in conjunction with spiking will reduce surface tension allowing the water to penetrate and spread evenly through the soil helping to maintain an attractive, healthy lawn especially through hot dry summers.

Why Does Your Lawn Need This Treatment?
During sustained dry periods as soil water becomes less available the lawns condition may start to deterioate. Spiking your lawn will open up channels through the thatch and into the dry hard soil. Lawn thatch is a layer of dead organic material that deprives the lawn of much needed moisture and oxygen, making it difficult for grass to root and prevents natural rainwater irrigation.

Benefits To Your Lawn:
Increase water, nutrient and oxygen movement in the soil
The Wetting Agent helps prevent surface run-off allowing maximum water penetration
Increase the activity of microorganisms the decompose thatch
Improved root development - lawn better able to cope with dry periods
Lawn stays greener longer and recovers quicker from dry periods

When Does My Lawn Need This Treatment?
Your lawn should be spiked at least once during the summer to ensure water can penetrate to the roots of the grass. If you want a lush healthy looking lawn you should water your lawn before and after spiking as well as during extremely hot weather, this will allow the Wetting Agent to take maximum effect.

Please note:
This is NOT a miracle cure to dry lawns. Lawns will only benefit from this treatment if moistire is available, either through irrigation or rainfall, but it will help the lawn benefit  MORE from whatever moisture becomes available. So making Water Wetter.

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