Specialists suppliers of wire edm sink edm and edm hole drills

Specialists suppliers of wire edm sink edm and edm hole drills from Eurospark

By: Eurospark  10/02/2009
Keywords: Spark Erosion Machines, wire erosion machines, edm hole drill

Eurospark, for decades a leading name in UK EDM, has announced strategies that include new ranges of machines: wire erosion, spark erosion and edm hole drills, restructured product support and revised service backup to provide an enviable solutions package.

Starting at just under £40,000, the new WT range of wire erosion machines is deliberately aimed at providing cost effectiveness with a high level of quality and performance. The 13 model range includes a choice of coaxial flushing or submerged versions. The smallest machine is the compact WT355 which has a XYZ capacity of 350x250x210mm respectively with a maximum workpiece capacity of 850x560x205mm. For very large workpieces the WT1275 takes a massive 5 tonne on the work table and up to 1650x1050x450mm in terms of size; travels are 1200x700x450mm.

Available on all versions is a highly efficient and extremely reliable auto wire feed system that not only provides auto threading under water but also auto back off and auto rethread if a wire break occurs. As standard, all machines are fitted with a chiller and a fine finish circuit.  A wide range of options is available including off line programming, 6 axis machining and a 20kg wire spool.

The new range of solid sink machines is part of a continual aim by Eurospark to provide machines that are very easy to use and keep operator intervention to a minimum. The NZ series provides all spark parameters and settings on a TFT colour screen which prompts the operator to input certain information relating to the component and electrode. The control then automatically calculates from almost 10,000 stored sets of machining conditions the optimum settings for the cutting cycle. These parameters, which can be changed manually by the operator at any time, are continually monitored during machining and adjusted as necessary. An auto anti arc circuit is included as is the ability to create a power stepping program in the Z axis. Models are available with worktanks from 830x500x300mm up to 2810x1600x750mm.

If the requirement is for a basic CNC machine that will pitch and orbit or for full CNC with ability to interpolate all 3 axes and take advantage of toolchangers and C axis then a similar, easy to use model range is available.


Added to the already successful range of manual and CNC edm hole drills, is a series of models dedicated for the type of production work found in industries like aerospace, medical and automotive. With a sophisticated easy to use CNC control, machines can be equipped with a 20 station toolchanger to allow uninterrupted running.

Customer support has been moved up to a level that is unique in the . Customers, both existing and potential have use of the considerable edm intelligence base that exists at Eurospark’s sister company Agemaspark. Not just the main showroom for Eurospark,  Agemaspark is a real working facility with all themachines that the company sells being used to produce components to customer requirements on a commercial basis. Because of this dynamic experience and knowledge it has all the technical capability to provide an unbeatable edm solutions facility. It can even take on a customers edm work, initially as a sub contract proposition and then if it has found find that work has increased to a level that makes a machine purchase viable, all of the settings and technology are then passed on with the new machine enabling the customer to begin production immediately

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