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By: Autolocksmith UK  06/01/2011
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The FORD PATS systems were introduced on Ford vehicles on March 1994. There have been many variations on the original system fitted.

The PATS system is a PASSIVE Anti-theft system which requires no special procedures for the driver to arm or disarm the system. The system is operated by a transponder fitted within the ignition key’s body, which communicates with the PATS module ignition transceiver mounted around the lock barrel.

The easy method of identifying a PATS vehicle is if the key has a small imprint showing where the transponder is fitted. The code for the transponder is stored in memory within the PATS amplifier or the Engine Management

The PATS system reads the code when the ignition key is turned from position 0 to position 1. If the correct code is received then the engine will start.

Three keys are allocated to each vehicle; the first key which is inserted is known as the master and is usually identified by its RED colour. The other keys that are used are known as slave keys and are usually BLACK with a RED insert.

The newer systems are only supplied with 2 keys. These keys are black with a RED, BLUE or BLACK insert.

The LED indicator is used for the PATS system and also other Anti-theft systems fitted to the Ford vehicle range. When the ignition is switched ON, the PATS LED will illuminate for 3 seconds while it performs a self-test, after which it extinguishes. When the PATS system is armed and immobilised the vehicle, the PATS LED will flash quickly.
PATS LED is mounted either in the front headlining or next to the heater controls/clock

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