Chinese Astrology

By: Authentic Feng Shui  28/02/2009
Keywords: moving, relocation, feng shui

I have been studying and practising Chinese Astrology  (BaZi Horoscopes) since 1997 and I combine it with the feng shui to gain a deep understanding of how each person is influenced by the building.

Your horoscope tells you how you are influenced by your surroundings and how those influences change with time. There will be periods when things are going well for you - you probably won't think of  feng shui then. There will be time when they won't go so well - that's when feng shui is really useful.

If you know when the good and bad times are, you can plan around those to take advantage of the good times and avoid undue risk taking in the bad times.

You can also use horoscopes to help children develop the areas which they will be good at in order to help them better succedeed in life.

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