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Scalar Energy Activations from Atlantean Activations

By: Atlantean Activations  03/06/2014
Keywords: zero point field, quantum potential,

Scalar Energy is the energy of the Void, the energy of the zero-point field that creates everything in existence. It powers the Sun and the Stars, and is responsible for assembling and disassembling our DNA. Therefore it can make changes at the Quantum level very rapidly. There are 2 types of energy, the transverse electromagnetic waves, the ones that power our electronic devices, and the Scalar Waves. The Scalar Energy is the KI energy, pure LIFE FORCE. It vibrates at the Divine Ratio, and thus the Pyramids generate Scalar Waves. This is why when something is placed within a pyramid, it doesn't age or perish! There are people who are presently engaged in creating 3D devices that will generate this energy. But it is my feeling that we should be able to do this ourselves as we move into a 5th Dimensional Reality. I have been downloaded with the codes that enable me to transmit this energy to you. Other members of the Gateway Group that I founded, are now also able to utilize this wonderful energy. Please join us in this ground-breaking work for Mankind.

Keywords: quantum potential, zero point field,

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