Orion Star Grids

Orion Star Grids from Atlantean Activations

By: Atlantean Activations  16/07/2014
Keywords: Celestial Self, Divine Human, Orion Belt,

The "Orion Star Grids" are DIY Ascension tools that come to us from the Orion Belt, which is "The Centre For Higher Evolutionary Programming". The first grid to come through, the "Unblocking Grid", opened the vortices for all the others. These Orion programs are stored for the evolution of all life. These are designed to bring through our Celestial Self ( Divine Self), into physicality. To enable us to embody as much of our Divinity as possible, in short to birth the "DIVINE HUMAN". The grids are in card format, for ease of use. When used, they open the vortex to Orion, to enable the downloading of specific codes, designed to shift us into multidimensional living. Since we have no choice, ultimately, as this is our destiny, using the grids will help the process tremendously. They will help to prepare us for when the magnetic poles reverse. This magnetic shift is set to kick start our quantum leap into the higher consciousness state. As the EM field drops to zero, our EM fields will be disconnected. If we do not have a connection to our 5th dimensional electrical circuitry in place, it is likely that we will experience a shutting down of consciousness, for possibly 2-3 days. I liken this event to making the transition from 'Analogue' to 'Digital'. The only difference is that when the 'Analogue' signal was switched off, we had the 'Digital' one in place, so did not experience a blackout. These amazing tools comprehensively cover all aspects of our lives. There is even a grid that instantly shifts negative emotions out of our energy field, preventing them from being stored within our cellular memory- thus helping prevent disease, and death! They are a must for multidimensional living!

Keywords: Celestial Self, Divine Human, Orion Belt, Orion Star Grids,

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