Spiritual Angelic Retreat & Courses In MAGICKAL IRELAND

By: ANGEL SOURCED healing,training and holistics in LEICESTER  15/06/2009
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Spiritual Angelic Retreat & Courses 8 Days in Magickal Ireland's Ring of Kerry


Departing on the 21st of Novemeber Flying back on the 28th of November 2009!

Irelands Ring of Kerry is truly magical. It has amazing landscapes, stone
circles and Neolithic sites, part of this is a monastic island called Skellig
Michael, named after Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is the Lord of the
Ring. Skellig Island is one of three islands where Michael has manifested and
appeared to men, and it is said to be resting over a key line or vortex.
Higher dimensional entities are believed to enter through vortexes and key
lines. The structure of Skellig Michael is pyramid like geometrically and is
believed to be aligned with celestial energies. It is composed of violet
granite, and the key line emanating from it extends to Britain, across Europe
and connects to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Remember Truth has a way of
connecting all who seek God.

In The magickal presence of the irish energies of the faeries and angels, gods
and goddesses and The Great and Mighty Archangel Michael, we will truly
connect to nature, and our own divine purpose and inner flame. This week is
all about connecting to our guides, guardians and the Divine presence of the
I AM. The following Certified workshops are included however do not hesitate
to contact us if you would like to add or replace the workshops as we will o
our best to meet your needs and requirements.

Package 1 is the Spiritual Practitioner Package
Crystal healing practitioner level workshop INC GUILD DIPLOMA
Mat Archangel Michaels accelerated Manifestation and Abundance techniques INC
Silver violet flame healing with initiation from ST Germain and Archangel
Past life Healing Practitioner level workshops INC GUILD DIPLOMA

Package 2 is the Angel Master / Teacher Package
Angel therapy practitioner level INC GUILD DIPLOMA
Angelic Reiki levels 1 & 2 Practitioner INC ANGELIC REIKI UK FEDERATION
Angelic Reiki levels 3 & 4 Master / Teacher INC ANGELIC REIKI UK

Package 3 is the Holistic Practitioner Package
Swedish / Holistic Body massage practitioner level INC GUILD DIPLOMA
Thai foot massage practitioner level INC GUILD DIPLOMA
Indian Head Massage practitioner level INC GUILD DIPLOMA
Hot stone Massage practitioner level inc GUILD DIPLOMA
Hopi Ear Candle practitioner level INC GUILD DIPLOMA
Anatomy and Physiology online enrolement an absolute requirement if no
previous A & P Diploma this is also GUILD DIPLOMA

Package 4
As above but with Aromatherapy replacing the Swedish / holistic Body massage!

So along with the above chosen package we will be visiting the following
landmarks and spirtual places of interest where we will do daily guided
meditations and soul journeys. We will do some group manifesting and seek out
the guidance of our spirit guides and Guardien angels. Also some midnight
candle magick wishes amongst the faeries and elemental invocation for wish

>Visits to the Stone Circles - Associated with the Bronze Age, a stone circle
consists of
five or more standing stones, which enclose a flat piece of ground. The small
stone circle found in Lissivigeen near Killarney town. These stones are known
locally as the seven sisters, while the outlying stones are known as "pipers"
or "musicians". The stones were probably erected for ritual or ceremonial

>Visit St. Mary's Cathedral - Killarney - Building of the church commenced in
1842 on
the church but was interrupted in 1848 as a result of the famine and didn't
resume again until five years later. The cathedral was consecrated in 1855
but was not finally completed until 1912 when the tower and spire were added.
St. Mary's is a cruciform church with a nave and aisles, two large transepts
and a central tower crowned with a spire, with simple rose windows. The
church is a fine example of late nineteenth century Gothic architecture.

>Visits to - County Kerry has a number of preserved sacred wells.

>Visit the Beehive Cells

>Visit the Stone Pillars and Erect Slabs

>Visits to Drung Hill

Wine and Dine Evening Meetings.

Price for group meditations, journeys and soul expansion spiritual journeys,
lectures, talks and tours no flights, accomodation or courses £200.00

Prices include return flights B n B & Dinners and we will try our hardest to
accomodate the nearest airport to you. It is essential to book early for a
guaranteed space and flight, also allowing us to cater the nearest airport
for you.

Prices to come on the retreat and just tour and meditate, to form a connection
with guides, guardians and inner self, talks, guidance and lectures without
any course package is available at £595.00

PACKAGE 1 £1225.00
PACKAGE 2 £1490.00
PACKAGE 3 £1400.00
PACKAGE 4 £1485.00

Packages In Ireland without accomodation and travel as follow

PACKAGE 1 £630.00
PACKAGE 2 £895.00
PACKAGE 3 £805.00
PACKAGE 4 £890.00

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