4MID, 4DUR & 4PET from 4plas

By: 4plas  06/03/2009
Keywords: pet, injection moulding, Polymers

   Our 4DUR products are a range of PBT compounds as well as a range of PBT/PET & PBT/PC blends. Whilst our 4MID - Polyamides (PA6, PA6.6 & PA6/6.6) are available in prime, industrial, recycled & cross blends 4MID can offer the ideal balance between cost & performance. Long fibre reinforced materials in standard grades and custom compounds, ensures a truly complete range.
4PET offers a wide range of PET compounds which also includes post consumer value added recycled grades. These cost effective products give competitive advantages not only in environmental and material costs. With the addition of a wide range of modifiers, stabilisers, speciality additives and customised colours, the above materials can be compounded as:
• Unreinforced
• Standard impact to super tough
• Standard & long glass fibre reinforced
• Glass bead filled
• Glass bead & fibre blends
• Mineral filled and reinforced
• Low warpage
• Flame retardants including UL listed grades
• Lubricated
• Surface modified
• Heat stabilised
• UV / light stabilised
• Fast cycling
• Speciality

Keywords: engineering materials, injection moulding, pet, Polymers, Thermoplastic